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Morgan K. Parker

  • Owner, Golden Forest Events, LLC

  • Master Certified Wedding Planner, CWP Society

  • Certified Wedding Design Consultant

  • Certified Styled Shoot Coordinator

  • Green Meeting Planning, LEED, Marriott International 

  • Certified Wedding Planner, Marriott International 

My name is Morgan Parker, Owner of Golden Forest Events. I have been in the industry of Wedding Coordination & Event Planning for over a decade, holding multiple certifications with The Certified Wedding Planner Society, the world's leading wedding planning certification program, along with Marriott International.


As YOUR wedding planner, my goal is to make your day the best you dreamed of. Golden Forest Events is here for you and making everything you desire Smooth, Flawless, and Stress-Free, so YOU can enjoy your day with ALL your friends and family. 


Certified Wedding Planner & Event Designer

Brooke Kent




Luxury Wedding & Planning Company

Golden Forest Events

Golden Forest Events brings liveliness and excitement to our clients and corporations creating an experience. With our eye for design & meticulous attention to detail while listening to what the goal is in creating the experience; we can soar past the expectations with the vast range of knowledge in the creation, management, & production of all meetings, events, and promotions. Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Golden Forest Events. Our ideas and creativity help shape YOUR success for a Smooth, Flawless & Stress-Free Experience. 

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