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Planning-Difference between Day of Coordinator & Month of Planner

Updated: Jan 18

A lot of people wonder what the difference between the Day of Coordinator and Month of Planner/Coordination for Planning Services is! They are similar yet different from what you may be looking for.

Some Day of Coordinator is more wedding direction, with 6-8 hours of on-site coordination. They stay with you for the key parts and then usually will leave when the dancing starts. They can be good for more of your elopement or intimate weddings and do not require rehearsal/practice for the wedding party (if there is one).

Month Of Planner/Coordination is more of a first-level of planning role. This is beneficial when it comes to, the DIY styles of weddings. You have 90% of everything done but need the extra set of eyes to finalize and execute your vision. They start working with you from 4 -8 weeks out from your date. They are gathering the information you have collected, reviewing contracts, and contacting vendors for timeline finalizations. This style of planner is usually on-site from 8-10 hours. They are working behind the scenes fine-tuning the details that you wish to have flowing on your day. Leading up to your day they are double-checking the logistics for your day, making sure you have documents needed for the day, prepping for rehearsal, and knowing you and your wedding party for rehearsal time. On top of that, they are directing your day, coordinating your vendors, checking in with you, and maintaining the timeline of the day, while focusing to make sure everything runs smoothly as possible.

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