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It’s All in the Details


We are designed for “Turning Dreams into Reality & Meetings into Experiences!”

We strive to be the best for YOU and with YOUR goals in mind! 
We love taking care of people and thrive on making your dream event a reality or your meeting an experience!

Our Certified Wedding Planners, & Experienced Designers have a proven track record for creating, designing, & maintaining functional, attractive, and flawless looks. We can create, and design any style of event or meeting while organizing, mobilizing, coordinating the behind-the-scenes, and managing the event for success and capturing the WOW!

A passion for creating lavishing elements and bringing them to life before your eyes! 

Our Team is planning, coordinating, and creating magical days for others as well. We love to organize, manage, & and coordinate everything from behind the scenes, to managing the event for success.

With accomplished event experiences and success, Golden Forest Events delivers on every project, from the initial concept through the event itself. We have been blessed to have worked with a large number of clients from many different backgrounds, therefore has shared with us many ways to uniquely tailor each event to meet their specific needs and desires.




Mission & Vision

Smooth | Flawless | Stress-Free

Golden Forest Events brings liveliness and excitement to our clients and corporations creating an experience. With our eye for design & meticulous attention to detail while listening to what the goal is in creating the experience; we can soar past the expectations with the vast range of knowledge in the creation, management, & production of all meetings, events, and promotions. Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Golden Forest Events. Our ideas and creativity help shape YOUR success for a Smooth, Flawless & Stress-Free Experience. 

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